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Sunday 20 October 2013

Posted by John Purssey on Monday, October 21, 2013,
GJJJ worked 0900-1200.

We were pleased to find that the trees in the fenced area were all, apart from one species, growing well.  This is despite the dry spell of the last couple of months with just a couple of days where there was 25mm and 8mm of rain.
Native raspberry was cleared, Morning Glory removed;  Camphor Laurels, Mickey Mouse, and Ardisia were cut and painted with glyphosate 1:1.  Two Camphor Laurel trees were treated with glyphosate by drilling.
In the fenced area some senna was upr...
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21 October 2012

Posted by John Purssey on Sunday, October 21, 2012,
The natives that were planted in December 2011 in the fenced area are mostly growing well despite there being little rain in the last two months. The grass round them is also growing well.
We removed more weeds, including Camphor Laurel saplings and small trees.  We also pushed over some of the old dead ones that are in danger of falling over unexpectedly.
At morning tea we reviewed the ideas for the Workplace Health and Safety statement.

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August 21

Posted by John Purssey on Sunday, August 21, 2011,
After a heavy thunderstorm last night we expected to call off landcare ; however the lightning finished about 5 am and by 9 am the sun was peeking through the clouds.
We were able to remove some more Camphor Laurels, Lantana, Privet, Ochna, Tropical Raspberry and a little Climbing asparagus.  Maybe the rain helped.

The Ochna is coming into flower.  They are pretty little yellow flowers:  I will have to check if they were introduced because of their flowers.  The Camphor Laurels are also coming ...
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Crested Bazza

Posted by John Purssey on Saturday, August 20, 2011,
On July 10 2011 Jude and John saw this Crested Bazza on a dead Camphor Laurel just behind our back gate.

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June 19

Posted by John Purssey on Sunday, July 10, 2011,
Nature gave us a warm, sunny day.
Ross, Indigo, Peter. Jim, Gai, Jude and John surveyed the site with Dave Rawlins. We tagged and labelled native trees and added several new ones to our species list.  One of these was a Bennets Ash which was comong out in flower. We identified two main areas for management. An old camphor laurel trunk provided a seat for morning tea to which Gai provided a delicious gluten free cake and John brought some muffins.
After morning tea we did some ardisia crenata (c...
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Laurel Axenue Landcare looks after the Council and Crown lands DP 47676 and DP 755687 north of Laurel Avenue. It meets monthly on the 3rd Sunday 9am - Midday. It is a group of Brunswick Valley Landcare



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